Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Simple Question On the Patriot Act

Leftists abhor the Patriot Act since it makes it harder for their Islamist allies of convenience to go about the business of taking down the the evil, capitalist, oppressive, racist, sexist source of all the world's problems: America.

In the eyes of leftists, America stands between them and their fantasy of affecting Heaven on earth. (Never mind the fact that past attempts at creating the socialist Utopia have resulted in the deaths of approximately 150 million people.)

Ask yourselves a simple question: Exactly who is made safer by killing the Patriot Act?

So far, the Patriot Act has taken 300 Islamic terrorists off the streets of America. One hundred seventy-nine of those have so far been convicted. The Patriot Act was vital to rounding up the Al Qaeda cell known as the Lackawanna Six, composed of six Yemeni Americans who were Al Qaeda members and, interestingly enough, registered Democrats.

What will the U.S. Representatives, who are working to kill the Patriot Act, tell their constituents if this country suffers another 9/11-type attack due to their recklessness? They have the nerve to risk the safety of all of us by removing the security layer the Patriot Act provides. Will they have the decency to resign their seats in Congress if America suffers a terrorist attack due to the death of the Patriot Act?

I think not--these egoists are more concerned with stroking their far-Left, wacko-Right, Deaniac/MoveOn supporters--the most vocal opponents of the Patriot Act-- than they are with protecting all legal citizens of America , as they have sworn to do.

By voting "no" on the Patriot Act, the numerous Democrats and few Republicans who did so showed America that they fear the Bush Administration more than they fear the animals that want to kill all of them.