Wednesday, February 09, 2005

BusHitler Strikes Again

Oh Boy! You're gonna need a couple of Tums to get through this one. As you read this, remember, this southern girl only has 4 1/2 months left in this wacked-out lefty state called Rhode Island. Here we go, from the Providence Journal:
Jeffrey Eden devised his award-winning project less than 30 minutes after his high school art teacher asked him to express a thought or two in a three-dimensional way.

So, in the wake of last year's polarizing election and the war in Iraq, the 17-year-old built an abstract scene comparing President Bush's war policies with Adolf Hitler's pillage of Europe.

The student's diorama-like assemblage juxtaposes Hitler quotes with statements by Mr. Bush, Nazi swastikas with American flags, desert-colored toy soldiers with olive plastic figures. And so on.

Eden said he's trying to point out certain similarities between the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the German blitzkrieg -- without actually equating Hitler to President Bush.

In this, the success of his project is debatable.

Nonetheless, it has earned the Charlestown student a silver key at the Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards.
Thats right folks, this project won him an award. Here's the photo:


The point is not whether or not this kid has a right to free expression, but that a panel of judges (15 people) thought that this type of crap is award winning art. What truly talented kid did not receive an award to make room for this bogus attempt at a statement from someone who cheapens the tragedy and atrocities that was brought on by Hitler? Where is the adult in the school system who sees this to ask: What about the 20 million people Bush has freed from tyranny? What about the prison for children that was shut down? What about the mass graves with skeletons of mothers holding their babies?

The misguided arrogance of this kid is unfreaking believable. Shame on him and his parents and everyone of his teachers and may those judges be exposed for the idiots they are!

Story found via The AntiProtester. Be sure and read his worthy fisking of the story.