Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Media Distortion 101

Once again the media smells red-meat and they just can't help themselves. I guess their mothers never taught them self-control. Michelle Malkin has a detailed post up on how the media, along with college professors, are completely misrepresenting someone's statements and have completely manipulated the situation into a bizarre free-for-all. The problem is that they are actively trying to destroy reputations and careers. This is one of the worst evils I've seen in a long time. Tomorrow... what if you're the target?

The people doing this are suppose to be the people we trust for the truth. What a sad statement this is for the left. Where is a speck of integrity? After reading Michelle's post, I've realized the Dems are no where near pulling themselves out of this horrible path they've stumbled down. The only time they can claim superficial good times, the Clinton years, is when they were acting like conservatives.

This is the type of story that I want to spread to as many people as possible, as this is the only way to fight big media and leftist college professors.