Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Wimpification of Our Kids

This fall my 5 year-old son played soccer for the first time. After a game I asked my son what the final score was and he promptly replied "Mom, we don't keep score, nobody wins or loses, we just play for fun". I instantly thought to myself: "Here we go, more liberalism!" Earlier today I ran across this rather snarky column addressing this same issue.
Andrew Dillon's struggle is another. He couldn't play on the team close to home unless he lost some weight. Well, his Mom put it bluntly: "We cut out all junk food and snacking and sodas." Andrew ended up losing the weight and making the team.

Said Andrew: "I was happy. I was finally on the team."

So, there you have it: Requiring kids to meet standards causes very real trauma. Trauma that may indeed alter these kids forever.

Life is full of pain and failure. And yet, some silly people go on living nonetheless, facing challenges, handling disappointment, exceeding expectations, only to find success and happiness. Maybe there is a lesson here, somewhere . . . if only our village can find it.
I told my son that it is important to keep score, for if you win, you need to learn how to do so graciously; and if you lose, this motivates you to work harder for next time. How many life's lessons are being lost on our children in the name of not hurting feelings? Well this will be part of my contribution to fight liberal infiltration of our educational system: I will immediately and completely debunk this nonsense to my sons and anyone else who wants to listen. We must fight to prevent standards and true accomplishments from falling by way of the red ink.