Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who's Right?? Jack Murtha or Bob Kerrey

Jack Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said on Meet The Press last weekend,
There was no terrorism in Iraq before we went there...None. There was no connection with al Qaeda, there was no connection with, with terrorism in Iraq itself.

Bob Kerrey, former Democratic Senator, and 9/11 Commission member, said the following this week with regard to new evidence linking the two,
This is a very significant set of facts,...I personally and strongly believe you don't have to prove that Iraq was collaborating with Osama bin Laden on the September 11 attacks to prove he was an enemy [of the U.S.] and that he would collaborate with people who would do our country harm.

One guy is speaking the rational truth and the other is pandering to the radical Left. Decide for yourself. Both ABC News and The Weekly Standard cover the issue in detail.