Friday, February 17, 2006

We Can Be Too Open.

Consider past rioting in France, the violence spurred by cartoons, and now these concerns in Britain. The Muslim Association of Britain represent themselves as 'moderate', according to author Scott Burgess. Please read and judge for yourself.

In light of threatening and inflamatory demonstrations in New York City, shouldn't we be a little more careful than this? This story is being covered by FOX NEWS.

Once human beings are killed over cartoons, Europeans feel threatened by Islamic "fundamentalists," and like-minded "fundamentalists" brandish signs reading "Islam will dominate"(linked above New York City), isn't it time for citizens to demand vigilance from our lawmakers? I do not want the United Arab Emirate operating our "major ports." These guys raise a few good points, to say the least.

Grand hat tip: Little Green Footballs.