Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Fox Guarding The Hen House?

As I am sure you have heard, Dubai Ports World, a company in the United Arab Emirates, wants to buy a British firm operating six "major ports" in the United States. Brain Terminal posted an informative piece on this topic Saturday. I am in agreement with Mr. Maloney. Those opposing this measure sound "reasonable." One Miami company to be affected by the sale seems to agree. They filed a lawsuit late Friday, details here.

Besides obvious concerns over national security and common sense, I have a question. Was the White House thinking politically when handling this deal? Even if they could satisfy the outcry over this, why not provide better explanation? The democrats are making political hay over this, example here. An even better example. Who can blame them? I have questions, too. It is true that the ports have been operated by a foreign company, but not one that has such ties to terror. A few senators state the case, courtesy of FOX NEWS.

Then there's Michael Chertoff. Weathering the storm, a thankless job, but somebody's gotta do it. Have a look. Fox is covering this pretty well.

Hat tip: Brain Terminal.