Thursday, January 05, 2006

White-trash character in sit-com makes you think

No it's not a mis-print. It's not a contradiction in terms. It is NBC's new comedy, My Name Is Earl. Thinking and sitcom TV usually do not go together, but Jason Lee (Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous) brings to life a character easily accessible to us all.

My favorite aspect of the show remains its handling of stereotypes and politically correct language. For example, on Earl's list of wrongs that he must make right, one item reads "stole car from a one-legged girl." This sounds just awful and it is awfully funny. He finds her to be "handi-capable" and finds her boyfriend with no legs "handi-capabler." This is detailed on the episode "Lost Dad the election," but is not off the list yet. This episode guest stars Beau Bridges and is a good choice for re-runs, especially since it satirizes aspects of our political system.

Earl discovers karma and decides to change his life for the better. "Do good things and good things happen to you. Do bad things and it will come back to haunt you." This is the least likely vehicle of morality that you will ever find. Earl, like the rest of us, is far from perfect. I admire his efforts and readily sympathize with him. Every episode begins with "I'm just trying to be a better person. My name is Earl."

As for me, I enjoy reading about issues of our day and I love blogs like Kellipundit, but I write pop-culture. It's the way my brain is wired. I appreciate columnists like Jonas Goldberg, but when it comes to my writing, everything comes out fluff. Well, it's serious to some of us. I'm just trying to be a better writer. I'm Angibegood.