Tuesday, January 03, 2006

National Review's 2006 Crystal Ball

More than a dozen contributors to National Review Online ( NRO ) have come up with their predictions for 2006. Some are serious, many are comical. Ned Rice, who is an NRO contributor and a staff writer for CBS's The Late Late Show has some hilarious ones. I include a few for your pleasure.
* John Kerry announces that he's running for president. Puzzled, a reporter shouts out, ' Of what?'
* Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco orders the mandatory evacuation of the city of New Orleans.
* With strong bipartisan support Congress calls for a three-month embargo on Angelina Jolie adopting any more kids from the third world.
* Massachusetts amends their state constitution to ban heterosexual marriage.
* Elton John's new husband David Furnish announces that he is pregnant.
* Astronomers discover a tenth planet, which is immediately declared 'non-smoking' by the FDA.
* Tookie Williams' final children's book -- ' OK, So I Shot Those Four Mo-Fos ' -- is published posthumously and gets a glowing review in the New York Times.
* More gloomy economic news for President Bush as thousands of unemployment offices are forced to close.