Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CNN's Larry King Live Allows James Frey to Tell It

There has been controversy over the past week surrounding James Frey's best seller A Million Little Pieces. It all started with a search for a mug shot of James Frey. Once the speculation turned to scandal, Frey agreed to address the issue on Larry King Live Wednesday night.

I read the book and like so many others, I just couldn't put it down. I bought the book because one of my professors mentioned reading it. That and the book's reputation for being a 'page-turner' lead me to buy it. I wanted a good read and would have bought the book as a work of fiction, historical fiction, or whatever else. It was a good read. Transporting me to a place no one aspires to inhabit, Frey told the truth about hitting rock bottom. I think this is why the story is widely praised. Most people don't reach the depths Frey discusses, but those who've experienced the smallest version of it see reality in Frey's writing.

As chronicled in many interviews conducted by Jocelyn Noveck, there are varying reactions to the liberties taken in this best-seller. I wish that the book had carried some sort of disclaimer. I don't begrudge Frey the success of his book. I admire his ability to fashion a story that compells so many readers.

I, for one, do not want my money back.