Monday, November 21, 2005

Zarqawi's Last Stand ??

Abu Mus'aab al Zarqawi is having a bad week. This weekend rumors arose that he may have been killed ( excuse me; blew himself up ) by U. S. forces in Mosul, Iraq. This remains to be determined pending DNA analysis. But even if he is still amongst the living; as Walid Phares points out in ; his days may be numbered. Over 200,000 in Jordan came out to protest Zarqawi and Al Qaeda. Keep your eye on the ball people. Since the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq the following has taken place: Libya has turned in its nuclear components ( of course the U.N. had no idea Libya even had a nuclear program ); the Syrian Bathists have been purged from Lebanon inspiring a Cedar democratic revolution; Iran is surrounded by U.S. soldiers and our military intelligence; constitutions that are at least somewhat respective of human rights have been crafted in Afghanistan and Iraq; the A.Q.Khan nuclear network has been exposed and stopped; the corrupt Oil for Food program which was helping Saddam get rid of sanctions and lining his pockets while depriving his needy citizens of food and medicine has been revealed to the world; a Hashemite democratic revolution is now beginning in Jordan bringing along with it a condemnation of Zarqawi and Al Qaeda; and according to leading Middle Eastern experts the buzz in the region is excitement about Democracy! Do we really want to cut and run now?