Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alan Alda Defends The Conservative Agenda

The joke amongst conservatives about NBC's West Wing is that it should be named the Left Wing, due to its consistent bias toward liberal arguements in their weekly White House fictional drama. Despite this, I find myself drawn to the show because each week it does deal with real world issues. Once in a great, great while they do give a fair shake to the conservative perspective. For example, in one episode the Mayor of Wash. D.C. made a compelling personal appeal to Pres. Bartlett to break with his Party and the teacher's union to allow a pilot vouchers program for students in his impoverished city. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between with conservative ideas being either ignored or( even worse !) disingenuously caricatured.

It was, therefore, with great trepidation that I watched Sunday night's live presentation of The West Wing which featured a one-hour debate between the Democratic candidate ( Jimmy Smits ) and his Repubican counterpart ( Alan Alda ). I grimaced when the first question dealt with illegal immigration and Alda's character presented the conservative arguement like the DNC would have. I hung in there, though, and was rewarded with a defense of conservative political positions on issues from foreign aid to energy policy that was more compelling than what comes out of The White House these days. Alan Alda was spectacular!!!! Russell Roberts of the conservative blog site Cafe Hayek agrees. Read his posting!!