Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Terrorist's Letter Reveals Good News For U.S. Iraq Effort

A letter, dated July 9th, 2005, written by Ayman al Zawahiri to Abu Musab al Zarqawi was declassified recently by the Bush Administration. It reveals a desperate tone by Al Qaeda's number-two in command for their effort to prevent a stable democratic governmnet to take root in Iraq. To review, Dr. Zawahiri is the Egyptian-born, long time Islamic terrorist whose resume includes, for example, 1. a participation in the assasination of Anwar Sadat; 2. a mastermind planner of the 9/11 attacks; and 3.( Democrats please skip this part. ) frequent meetings during the 1990's with Iraqi Intelligence in Sudan ( Al Qaeda's then home-court ) and in Iraq. Mr. Zarqawi, who was wounded in Afghanistan fighting alongside the Taliban against U.S. Forces and then retreated to Baghdad for medical attention; was later to take leadership in Ansar al Islam ( a radical sister-group to Al Qaeda that was supported by Saddam Hussein and was fully functional in Iraq BEFORE the Iraq War).

The lead editorial in today's Wall Street Journal summarizes Zawahiri's worries nicely, and is a must read for all Americans who are ready to throw in the towel on The Iraq War. The Weekly Standard has a complete English translation of his letter. Read it and seriously contemplate the stakes of winning or quitting this war.