Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Conservative Bashing at The University of Rhode Island

During the past 2 school years, I have been an advisor to a student conservative group at the University of Rhode Island. My role is a secondary role, as the group has a primary advisor as well. Prior to the 2004 Presidential election, I helped prepare some members for a debate with the student Democrat group and also became a resource for essays that could help the students write opinion pieces for the school newspaper. The President of this conservative group was a young man named Nathaniel Nelson. He is a bright and mature individual who exudes integrity. His fundamental beliefs relating to social and political issues are clearly conservative and he is a great advocate on such issues. His opinions were always professionally and respectfully stated in his frequent opinion pieces in the school newspaper.

After the 2004 election, my involvement with the group waned a little, so I was shocked to read a column written by Nathaniel in Frontpagemagazine on August 1st describing the abhorrent behavior levied upon him by one of his professors at the University last semester. To further understand the disturbing influence of left-wing radicals on our nation's campuses and the hypocrisy in the mantra that calls for diversity in everything but intellectual thought; please read Nathaniel's account. As you read his essay, consider the following. Nathaniel is a white, male, Christian conservative. If any of these qualifiers were changed, would behavior; such as that brought upon Nathaniel by his perverted and abusive professor; be tolerated at any institution in this country? I think not!

Warning: Link contains strong, descriptive language.