Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Remembering 17 Warrior Souls

Mark Divine is a former Navy SEAL officer who is the founder of He wrote a tribute piece to 17 SEAL and Army Special Ops soldiers lost when their transport Helo was shot down during the past week; defending America on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. An excert is included here:
Soon...17 warrior souls are seeing each other for the first time- with questioning eyes...whoa. What now? They see their physical bodies in the wreckage- but they are still here. Is this what death is? They are motionless, unsure seeking answers. A light shines above them, and an angel comes down to them- beckoning them to come. The angel is dressed in a WWI style infantryman's uniform. He tells them, without words, not to worry. Warriors take care of their own in Heaven, he says. They have been expected, and there is a big reception planned. He asks if they would like to visit their loved one's before going to Heaven. They all say yes. The angel takes them instantly to their homes- where word of the tragedy has not yet reached. They see their wives and children sleeping, playing. They see their parents, friends, and teammates. They tell them not to worry, for they are going to a safe place. They pray that their loved ones will understand that life is fleeting, and that death is part of the warrior's path. Do not grieve us they say...we died an honorable death. Honor and memory. Tell our story. Teach our children how to live with dignity and honor. Teach our teammates how to live well, and die honorably. Mourn us for a time, but then celebrate our lives.
I don't believe it gets more profound than that.