Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Low For The So-Called Mainstream Media

On the website of The American Spectator today is an essay by Ben Stein that begins
If you wanted to see the perfect example of the ethical and moral collapse of the Mainstream Media, you could not do better than a long article in the New Yorker of May 23, 2005. The article is entitled, ' The Spy Who Loved Us.' Written by a teacher at the University of Albany, named Thomas Bass, it's about a man named Pham Xuan An. Now very old, Ann was--among many other things-- a correspondent in Saigon during the Vietnam War for Time magazine. He was apparently considered a particularly brilliant and well-informed correspondent and very well liked by his colleagues in the Western press corps during the war. He was also a Communist spy, working for the North Vietnamese, informing them of what he knew about American military plans, troop movements, political agendas.
If you want to get a good feel for the deep penetration of leftists in our American media, take a look at Stein's piece.