Saturday, May 07, 2005

U.S. Delivers A Blow To Al Qaeda In Pakistan

Elaborating on the May 3rd arrest of Abu Faraj al-Libbi; al Qaeda's third in command; Debka-file reports that 3 days later 18 members of his network were captured. Debka's description of al-Libbi's arrest contains the following:
He was taken after a gun battle in the Mardan Division of Pakistan's North Western Frontier Province which borders Afghanistan. Debka-file's intelligence sources say al-Libbi, a Libyan national aged 40, moved to Mardan recently from his Waziristan hideout when a Pakistani Army military operation made it unsafe. The new Mardan hideout was raided by officers of the ISI-Inter-Service Intelligence. They were acting on a tip from none other than the head of U.S. Central Command ( Gen. Abizaid ), who paid a surprise visit to Pakistan on the morning of May 3 and conveyed the information to president Pervez Musharraf.
Debka goes on to reveal the new strategy adopted by the Bush administration in attacking al-Qaeda:
Debkafile's intelligence sources also reveal that, since entering its second term, the Bush administration has quietly initiated a new phase in the war on terror, adjusted to counter perceived threats from the new and deadly al Qaeda breed spawned since 9/11. Very little is known about the new structure, its central command, and whereabouts. 'No longer is the U.S. global effort focused on the hunt to track down Osama bin Laden; instead, the search is on for his links,' say the sources.
Well, as President Bush always says, " We're smok'in 'em out"!!!!