Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Course on Marxism to be Offered at U.R.I.

A new honors course in Marxism will be available next semester for students at the University of Rhode Island. According to the campus Good 5-Cent Cigar, Professor Richard McIntyre hopes that, in offering this economics course, he can help students gain an understanding of the Marxian "critique of political economy." Professor McIntyre goes on to say:

This critique is aimed at mainstream economics ( both neoclassical and Keynesian ) and at the economic and social system celebrated by mainstream economics...

Additionally he adds:
We will see two films to think about how issues of class are presented in contemporary popular culture and consider the tasks Marx sets for himself and the methods he proposes in the preface to Capital, volume 1...

McIntyre, who offered a similar course in 2001, commented that although the course will primarily focus on Marx's Capital vol. 1, 2 and 3, it will also discuss issues being dealt with in today's society, such as the Iraqi war and global imperialism.

As a healthcare professional, I have great respect for the concept of " evidence based medicine". This principle implies that treatment options are developed based on sound data supporting good outcomes. One has to wonder how a professor can promote the economic principles of Karl Marx, when all supporting data points to it's utter failure. In stark contrast, capitalism has made the United States the wealthiest nation; across all income levels; in world history.

For those who are not sold on capitalism, The People's Republic of The University of Rhode Island is enrolling students now in the benefits of Marxism!