Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jon Stewart's Hilarious Act of Contrition

I ordinarily cannot stomach "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," because of his constant anti-Bush, anti-Republican bashing. Last night, however, I caught the very beginning of Stewart's interview with Nancy Soderberg, a former Clinto aide, and immediately sensed something repentent in his tone. James Taranto, of Opinion Journal, has a piece today that captures most of the text of the interview along with great analysis. Stewart's quotes are precious as he confesses, with horror, that President Bush's policies may now be leading to a wave of democracy in the Middle East. The ultimate irony is that Soderberg was on the show pushing her new book entitled; get this; " The Superpower Myth:The Use and Misuse of American Might". Great timing Nancy!!!!

Kelli Adds: You may view the video here. Enjoy!!