Sunday, February 20, 2005

John Kerry: Promises, Promises

Thomas Sowell calls out the left-wing for media bias again. In a late January 2005 appearance on Meet The Press, Senator John Kerry promised to sign Form 180 which would release all of his military records to the public. President Bush, of course, has already done so. A glance at his records would be quite interesting given the fact that, as Sowell reminds us, the Senator:
"would need to be issued an honorable discharge during the Carter
administration, years after leaving the navy...".

He goes on to say that:
"what is well known is that during the Vietnam war, John Kerry went to Paris on his own and engaged in discussions or negotiations with representatives of the country with whom we were at war, even though he was still an officer in the naval reserve."

How many of you really think Dan Rather and Mary Mapes would have let a story like that go unchallenged if George W. Bush were involved?